RedHat Linux V.8

Linux you've probably heard of the name before because RedHat advertised on TV. Linux is derived from UNIX, the major Operating System of the internet.

Need a bullit-proof server? Linux may be your answer!   Microsoft has unnecessarily made their operating systems fault prone by incorporating applications specific code into the kernel portion of the operating system.   A Trojan horse that could exploit a recent critical flaw in a jpeg file would have affected:

Windows Server 2003; Windows XP; XP Service Pack 1 (SP1); Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 SP1; Office 2003; Office XP SP3; Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9 and 7.0; Microsoft Digital Image Suite 9; Microsoft Greetings 2002; Microsoft Picture It 2002, 9, and 7.0; Microsoft Producer for Microsoft Office PowerPoint (all versions); Microsoft Office Project 2003; Project 2002 SP1; Microsoft Office Visio 2003; Visio 2002 SP2; Visual Studio .NET 2003; Visual Studio .NET 2002; Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1; .NET Framework 1.0 SP2 and software development kit (SDK); and Platform SDK Redistributable: GDI+.

Microsoft had to issue a patch to cover all applications that use the jpeg file, plus the OS.   Linux is a real server solution because the kernel is separate from the applications.  If an application hangs up or crashes, the server keeps running. Frankly, a server should do only that objective - serve, and not have intimate interactions with applications.

So, why should someone be interested in Linux?

Droit Technologies Linux servers are special for the features included, ease of end user use of web and e-mail, tried and tested.

The server started as RedHat ( ) Ver. 8 Linux PC and has the following additional software:

There is disk quota setup to limit the amount of space a user can use (file/web/ftp).

The latest release of all software patches for bugs and hackers

Installed but not functioning since the server is behind a firewall/router, Bastille fire wall.

Brought to you by - Droit Technologies, Inc. PO Box 322 Carlstadt, NJ 07072